John House

Portfolio site for contemporary photographer and artist John House


Photographer, curator and educator based in Bristol, UK.

I have a fascination with vernacular imagery and the banal and use photography to explore the wider contexts offered through representing everyday moments; reflecting on the beauty that can be found in the seemingly mundane and trying to capture the latent poetry from everyday situations. My work examines how we interact with familiar landscapes, what this can say about cultural identities and the hidden narratives within photographs.

My latest work, In Amber, takes the form of a series of books which draw from an archive of domestic photographs. Borrowing from cliché, stereotype and shared popular culture, each book offers a narrative that has been repeated by storytellers for centuries.

I have curated several projects including The Shot I Never Forgot, an Arts Council funded exhibition and publication which invited photographs to share their most memorable images and the stories behind them.

I have taught extensively and am currently an Senior Lecturer at UWE.