John House Biography

Born 1979, Aylesbury, UK
Lives and works in Bristol, UK

I am a contemporary artistic photographer, artist, curator, collector of curiosities and occasional film maker. I have a BA (Hons) in Editorial Photography from the University of Brighton and work in art education alongside pursuing my practice.

My work is mostly in the form of Photography and is concerned with how people interact with the environment around them and how the landscape we live and work in, is shaped by us and what this can say about cultural identities.

I am fascinated with the overlooked beauty that can be found in the seemingly mundane and try to capture the latent poetry from everyday objects and situations.

My most recent series is ‘Studies in Colour and Light’ which is an ongoing exploration of shape, form and colour and how images interact with each other when displayed side by side.

In 2014, I worked on my first curatorial project, The Shot I Never Forgot, receiving Arts Council funding to hold an exhibition and produce a publication as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe.  I have exhibited as part of the Fringe before, most notably with a  project entitled ‘Being Nobody, Going Nowhere’ which was exhibited as huge panels in the windows of the Old Co-op Building as a 24 hour outdoor exhibition.  The images in this series attempted to use the camera’s ability to freeze time in order to examine the profound hidden amongst the commonplace and to pay tribute to the fleeting glances and snapshots we encounter through everyday life.  The exhibition was nominated for the Danny Wilson Memorial Award 2012.

I regular exhibit my work and am interested in collaborative projects and opportunities.

Please visit the work pages of this site to view my images.

Full C.V on request.

(portrait image by Will Page of HH Miniatures)