Meeting Place (2009-12)


I am pleased to announce my new body of work is finally finished!

The project is entitled Being Nobody, Going Nowhere and is to be exhibited for the first time as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe 2012.  I wanted to show the work at a venue I felt appropriate for the work and I’m excited to say I think I have found the perfect place.  The photographs will be displayed in the windows of the old Co-op building on London Road, Brighton.

This means the exhibition will be available to be viewed by anyone 24/7.

I am currently running a funding campaign via to raise money to help towards the costs of printing for the exhibition, please take a look at my campaign page and any contributions would be gratefully received (there are incentives in it for you!).


I would like to offer my sincere thanks to those who have already pledged some funds towards this project:

Phil Wellington –
Karen Taylor & Roger Matthews
Ruth Atkins
Murray Ballard –
Dave Yates
Hannah Copcutt
Diane House
Gail Eastwood
Bob Ford
Matthew Copcutt –
Georgie Gilmore
Justin Compton
Jonathan Smith –
Ian Gray
Anna Powell
Heather Twizell
Jan Copcutt
Rachel Stevens


The exhibition launch is on 6th October 2012 and will consist of large vinyl prints, spanning 8 meters in length that will be presented in the windows of the old Co-op in Brighton.

A small preview of the images can be viewed in the gallery pages and the whole project will be viewable here from 6th October.

Please click here to download the press release.