Harmonic Skeleton is a photographic conversation created in collaboration with Rob Macdonald (www.robmacdonaldphoto.com) produced exclusively for the Brighton Photo Fringe 2016.

2 squares – the space between 2 images, a photographic dialogue. An experimental project between two photographers. With square format as their only constant, each selected images and passed them to the other, who in turn, paired each with one of their own. In the resulting body of work visual rhythms are played out as one image speaks to another through colour, shape or composition to create a lyrical collaboration.

Having known each other for many years and increasingly recognised the parallels within both our aesthetic tastes and a desire to investigate visual culture through a subtle photographic approach we embarked on a visual conversation.

The aim was to explore what happens when two similar styles meet, clash and jostle for position with one another. To open a dialogue by shooting, passing on and responding to images, the process was liberating in that we surrendered to the possibilities of where the collaboration might take us knowing that once a photograph had been handed over, all control was also passed on.

Bruno Munari’s 1960 book ‘The Square’ notes that ‘it’s structural possibilities have helped artists and architects of all generations and styles by giving them a harmonic skeleton to which to apply an artistic construction’. The use of this one constraint provided a constant to help marry images together; both as pairs and within the exhibition; we hoped to mirror the concept of the square’s perfect proportions within the diptychs we created.