With the 2017 UK General Election set for a week from today, I present ‘Manifesto’, a visual experiment exploring the visual noise that is the bombardment of imagery and information we receive from both the political parties and the media.

Through the visual cacophony of the 2017 general election, the importance of soundbites, both visual and aural is increasingly evident.

Rummaging through our echo chambers and searching for the truth between the well choreographed consumable episodes with which we are presented, it is easy to be lost in the swarm.

Whilst watching the policy launches for the key parties, I wondered how many people read and how much detail from each manifesto the general public consumed.  These presentations and the accompanying publication are the best insight we have into our prospective leaders intentions but can be easily overshadowed with the ever moving machinery that is electioneering.

These composites are a visual expression of the noise that is the election; created by layering thousands of still frames from each of the manifesto launches of the six main UK parties (by 2015 vote share).

More information about the project and the images can be viewed in the portfolio section here.