Original cover of Ata Kak's album Obaa Sima

Original cover of Ata Kak’s album Obaa Sima


Words cannot express my love for Ata Kak!  Originally from Ghana, Ata Kak self-released a few copies of this album on tape in the 1980’s.

Brian Shimkovitz, founder of the increadible blog Awesome Tapes of Africa discovered the tape amongst the vast collection he amassed whilst in Africa and spent a decade trying to track down Ata Kak with the aim of re-releasing the music to a new audience.

The story has now been captured in this documentary and is well worth half an hour of your time.  The music is unique beyond measure and the story genuinely heart warming. Decades after its original low-key release, Obaa Sima is now in many peoples record collections and Ata Kak is touring the world.

If you are not aware of Shimkovitz’s work with Awesome Tapes, check out the blog for some of the best music you are likely to hear!

Exterior of the Martin Parr Foundation, at Paintworks, Bristol, England, 2017. Image © Louis Little

Exterior of the Martin Parr Foundation, at Paintworks, Bristol, England, 2017. Image © Louis Little


Bristol’s legacy as a leading centre for Photography is set to continue to grow with the opening on the Martin Parr Foundation on the 25th October.

Originally set up in 2014, the foundation is a home for Parr’s archive and extensive photography collection.  This new enterprise will form a permanent space to house the foundations work, located at the Paintworks in Bristol.

The space will house Parr’s print archive (estimated at 3/4 million images) alongside his collection of British and Irish photography. There is also a gallery space where 3 or 4 exhibitions will be held each year.

The foundation is due to open on the 17th October with the inaugural exhibition Parr’s ‘Black Country Stories’, originally commissioned by Multistory and exploring the West Midlands.

© Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb: Slant Rhymes.

© Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb: Slant Rhymes.


I happened across this release the other day and looking forward to getting my hands on the book.

Alex & Rebecca Webb have created the project ‘Slant Rhymes’ as a visual conversation between themselves. Each pair contains one image from each of them, placed side by side to create a visual rhyme.

I was initially struck by the concept as last year I worked with photographer Rob Macdonald on a similar principle, creating the exhibition ‘Harmonic Skeleton’ for the Brighton Photo Fringe. You can view our attempt at this visual dialogue in my portfolio pages.

Slant Rhymes has been released as a book by La Fabrica, more information and images are available here.

Peter Fraser (Nazraeli Press), Birdhouse

Peter Fraser (Nazraeli Press), Birdhouse


This week I have been mostly revisiting the work of Peter Fraser.

Whilst doing some research for a project I am currently developing ‘Postcards from Home’ (early stages are viewable on my Instagram account) I realised I was shooting certain images with a similar aesthetic to some of Peter Fraser’s work.

I have always enjoyed Fraser’s unique perspective and vision of the macro world that surrounds us with the intimate and unique ‘landscapes’ he offers up.

A large selection of his work is available through his website www.peterfraser.net