Found negatives: I am a prolific liberator of film.

I cannot help myself.  If I am in a charity shop (thrift store for my overseas readers), I compulsively check cameras to see if there is film left in them.  If I find an orphaned film, I liberate it from its musky prison and unleash the visual treats it contains.

So the other day, whilst rummaging through my drawers, I happened upon a roll of 35mm film by ‘Bonusprint’, which I suspect was from the 1990’s judging by the branding etc.  I have no idea where the film came from, so assume it was one I had previously rescued and totally forgotten about. The colours on the negatives have bled considerable, which would suggest it is quite old and has been lying around for some time.  Some of the banding also looks like the result of scanning at an airport.

I took it to work and processed then scanned the more interesting negatives, some of which you can see below.  I have no idea where it was shot, it looks like America but beyond that I did not recognise anything.  However, one frame appeared to be of a ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ attraction so I set about my best detective work.  It looks very much like photos of the Orlando, Florida venue they have.

What I cannot establish is whether this a film from a holiday or someone who lived in America – the photos of the gym are a bit of a curve ball.  I love the limited knowledge about someone I get when I adopt a film, the only insight into their lives is the few shots they took that I get to look at.  A limited window into a life I will have no connection with otherwise.

Take a look at the images I managed to rescue from the rather damaged negs below – personally I really love them, the distortions and accidental double exposures are fascinating.

Any theories on the origins of this film would be most welcome!