Whilst I often have some form of camera with me to take images of anything that looks intriguing, it usually tends to be something digital for convenience or my phone where the images end up on my instagram @ourworldmyeye.

Despite occasionally walking round with my Hasselblad, it is not the most convenient tool for the commute to work or daily life.  Keen to do a bit more film photography, however, I decided to raid my camera museum and see what might fit the bill for a pocket sized 35mm camera I could use as a visually diary.

OLYMPUS 35 RC Image taken from Ken Rockwells amazing photography site: OLYMPUS 35 RC (image from

Image taken from Ken Rockwells amazing photography site:

It was then I remembered about my trusty Olympus 35RC – a small, manual,  range-finder with a great lens and enough quality and control to not frustrate me!

So I have been travelling around with it in my pocket and snapping away a few rolls of film and getting back into the darkroom to make some prints.

I thought I would share a few of the first images to come out that I quite like – hopefully the first of many!

NOTE – these are photographs of B&W darkroom prints, so forgive the less than perfect reproduction of tones!